Traditional Treatments Varkala

Divine Bliss Beach Resort, Varkala, Kerala, has a panel of experienced Ayurvedic physicians ready to offer state of the art technology services based on Ayurvedic principles integrating Yoga and Meditation, thereby adopting a holistic approach.Ayurveda – Science of Life - the oldest system of Medicine originated about 5000 years ago is considered as complementary or alternative medicine. It sets a perfect equilibrium of Body, Mind and Soul, promoting physical, mental and spiritual discipline. Synergizing the innate potential of nature and body, the natural herbs and plants, animals and animal products and mineral products having a detoxifying and neutralizing effect promises rejuvenation.

Divine Bliss Beach Resorts eminent panel of physicians peform (i) Panchakarma involving procedures that cleanse the toxic materials accumulated from disease or malnutrition (ii) Rejuvenation therapy involving application of herbs and therapies to energize mind, body and soul (iii) Spine therapies that strengthens muscles while preventing bone degeneration (iv) antiaging treatment (v)Slimming programme.

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