Day Trips

Day trips to Papanasam Beach, Golden island, Kappil Beach,Janardhana Temple,Sivagiri Mutt, Elephant Ride and Farm. Excellent service is given to our guests and make sure that our guest our satisfied with our service.

Papanasam Beach Varkala

Beaches in Varkala

Varkala is the home of the favouredPapanasambeach, heathenism beach is one in all the beautiful and stunning beaches in Kerala that has rocky drop ends from wherever the guests will watch the impressive views high the sea. Relatively, this beach is a smaller amount jam-pawncked and smaller in stretch than alternative distinguished beaches in Kerala and its ideal for swimming too. Guests can play cricket, volley ball and even it's attainable to observe yoga. And if you're lucky, you'll get a rare chance to sight a naughty dolphin. This beach is noted for its mineral spring. It’s thought of to possess mineral and curative properties. Several peoples are returning here to require bathtub and drink the water from this spring thanks to the idea that it'll wash away all the impurities and therefore the sins they need. The read of sunset within the Varkala beach are going to be associate haunting one for everyone.

Janardhana Swami Temple

Traditional Temples in Varkala

JanardhanaHindoo Temple could be a 2000 year recent temple set in Varkala. It’s one in all the traditional temples in Kerala. This temple could be a major pilgrim spot in Kerala with Lord Shiva as Prathishta. It’s additionally called Varkala Temple set near Papanasam beach, twenty five klick north of Thiruvananthapuram. This temple is renowned for its subject field magnificence which has covered roof, arched high entrance, and circular sanctum Sanctorum head by a conelike dome of copper sheets, the picket Mandapa etc. There is a unit for inscriptions which offer sure hints relating to the renovation of the temple throughout completely different periods within the history area unit out there. The main competition of the temple is Arattu that falls within the month of March or April attracts plenty of tourists. Karkkidakavavu Bali, additionally called Bali Tharpanam is a vital putting to death ritual determined by Hindus in Kerala in memory of their departed ancestors. This temple is one in all the vital places wherever this ritual takes place.

Golden Island

Temples within Varkala

The Golden Island is additionally referred to as Ponnumthuruth Island domestically. It’s placed twelve klick south of Varkala associated takes concerning 0.5 an hour drive from the city. This island could be an excellent entry for those that get a beautiful air. The most attraction is associate recent Shiva and Parvathy temple that is extremely renowned at the middle of the Island. The amusing ride within the country boat is going to be a lot of pleasing and memorable. On the means back you'll be able to see lots of fiber weaving units and might see numerous astonishingly finished fiber products. The island is for Bird watchers and nature lovers as this island is the center of the many flora and fauna, together with several herbs, eagles, gulls, and plenty of different water birds. A night read of the island from the ferry are going to be sure mind-blowing for nature-lovers.

Kappil Beach

Beach Cottages in Varkala

Kappil Beach is the marvelous place where the ocean and backwaters joins together. Kappil club is rising as a high backwater business destination in Kerala. It’s undoubtedly a requirement visit location in Varkala. Kappil is concerning seven kilometers north of Varkala and fifty five kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram International field. The folks travelling in trains and buses through the world will get pleasure from the fantastic thing about the body of water in between Edava and Kappil. It’s spectacular and interesting. The islets with several coconut trees; traveling and fishing victimization country boats by folks in Kappil and lots of others are going to be special for anyone WHO travels from Trivandrum to Kollam and reverse.

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